The vast majority of the world’s perceptions of Love today, has been known to have many different meanings to it. For one, love can mean a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties as well as an attraction based on sexual desire. It also can mean an affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests, and finally it can stand for an assurance of affection, a warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion etc… You get the picture! The list can go on. With so many different movies and songs on the high about love, the portal of how love is being represented gives off the wrong interpretation which in many cases has caused a number of individuals to become very obsessed with the idea of a relationship being based on desirable, ungodly like, non-contractual relation; Which unfortunately leads our society to condone promiscuous behavior, men and women not knowing what their true roles are as a wife or husbands and dysfunctional up brings. Unfortunately a percentage of the world today has lost the true meaning of what love is really based off of. In truth many individuals starts to associate love with all kinds of attachments. For example some individuals have had the tendency of creating unhealthy attachments to their loved ones, objects, people becoming obsess with them, seeking a person’s approval to help guided their love for them, being infatuated with them, feeling as though being around someone 247 is what defines love for them in order to fill that void in which the individual is constantly needing to get by in their lives. After a while these same behaviors starts to lead into one associating partners with God.

So what do I mean by associating partners with God? Well let’s take a look at the definitions of associate and partners.


  • to join as a partner, friend, or companion
  • to join or connect together COMBINE
  • to bring together or into relationship in any of various intangible ways (as in memory or imagination)
  • obsoleteto keep company with



·  One associated with another especially in an action: ASSOCIATECOLLEAGUE

· Either of two persons who dance together

· One of two or more persons who play together in a game against an opposing side

· A person with whom one shares an intimate relationship: one member of a couple

So in essence we are actually en-joining God to the very things in which we engrossed ourselves with. These very people, object, and things in which individuals places their focus on that gives them a reason to keep going on with their lives has one starting to worship them instead of God alone. Some individuals may fail to realize how much they start to deprive themselves in obtaining true love. So because of ones constant focus only being placed on the very things that gives them supposes happiness and pleasure, after quite a while one can start to become disappointed, sadden, depressed, obsessive, infatuate, and even controlling towards the very thing that an individual decide to place over God. After some time this can all start to become an unhealthy attachment turned into an addiction. The only way for any one of us to not succumb to this very way of living and thinking, is by embodying Gods attributes whole heartedly. Love in Arabic is represented by the word (hoob) which means “to be steadfast” so the only way to embody his attributes is by being stable and unwavering about Allah’s (gods) order and to follow steadfastly, to be resolute about them and not waver over them. As in surah Al-Baqrah (which says “those who consider others to be powerful, and follow their laws and decisions as well”. There for love of Allah means to follow his laws closely. When one finally comes to this conclusion love can be easily given and received by others.



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