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The Qur’an As It Explains Itself :

 By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

As the title suggests, this book is an understanding of the Qur’an from within itself. With its first edition completed in 2003, QXP is the most modern and the first ever rendition of the Qur’an done in full public view on our website since day one. For the best possible clarity of expression, suggestions from our viewers worldwide were taken into account every single day. QXP is also the first ever rendition of the Qur’an based on the original Arabic dialect of Makkah (Mecca) in which the Book was revealed to the exalted Prophet Muhammad fourteen centuries ago. Moreover, QXP gives the reader a very clear understanding of the Qur’an for another very special reason. The Qur’an maintains that the Book explains itself, and, certainly, it does. Therefore, I have used no extrinsic material in this work. Some relevant history has been given within brackets only for the sake of interest and it is, by no means, a part of the rendition itself. Translated and explained in contemporary English, the book is easy enough for a teenager to understand.



by G.A. Parwez



By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

In this book, Dr. Shabbir Ahmed takes us through the life story of every prophet from Noah to Prophet Muhammad (S). By extracting the details solely from the Qur’an we also get to see the heart of the message that each prophet brought with him – A single message of hope for humanity.


The Qur’anic System of Sustenance

by G.A. Parwez



   By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.


Women In the Light Of Quran

By by G.A. Parwez



 By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.


The Life in the Hereafter (Translation of Jahan e Farda)

By G.A. Parwez


THUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE (A critical study that lets the Bible explain itself)

 By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

This is a most beautiful book, pleasing to the eye and challenging the mind. A swift, scintillating intellectual journey through the Bible gives the reader a highly enjoyable and informative analysis of the most widely read book in the world. With comments from over 150 top Judeo-Christian scholars, THUS SPEAKS THE BIBLE lets the reader explore the Scripture as never before.


Ibees O Adam

by G.A. Parwez



 By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

A book of this kind has never been written before. It took courage to write this book and it will take courage to read it. One of our most popular books, The CRIMINALS OF ISLAM unveils the true faces of the revered ‘stalwarts’ of Islam that emerged in the last one thousand plus years. The ‘Imams’, ‘Historians’, ‘Ulema’, ‘Sheikhs’, ‘Sufis’ and ‘Maulanas’, all have made a mockery of the glorious Islam. They converted the beautiful Message revealed to the exalted Prophet into the counterfeit, alien and deplorable manmade Islam as we see today. This manmade religion, as opposed to Ad-Deen (Islam: The Benevolent Social System of Life), is not at all lovable, to say the least. The reader will become enlightened about why and how the once thriving Islam has shriveled into a most miserable state worldwide in the last several centuries.



By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

The entire world, almost every nation and religion, is waiting for the last Savior at the end times. He is supposed to bring the ultimate victory to his respective people and a reign of peace and prosperity to earth. But his objective will not be achieved without fighting the most colossal and enormously bloody wars in which his enemies will be totally annihilated. Ironically, Muslims are waiting for not one, but two, of such giants, Jesus Christ and Imam Mahdi to join hands and give them the universal victory over all peoples. What is the truth? Get a clear logical answer with no ifs, ands, or buts.


ISLAM AS I UNDERSTAND (English and Urdu)

By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

This little book is power packed with Qur’anic verses and authentic sayings of the exalted Prophet. The book glitters with comments from over 150 renowned non-Muslim, mostly western, scholars. The greatest Islamic thinker of the last millennium, Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal (d.1938) was planning to write a book under the above title his un-timely demise deprived us from another masterpiece from him.





By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

(What the great non-Muslim scholars have to say about Islam, the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad. Includes numerous irrefutable scientific evidences that the Qur’an cannot be a product of human mind and that it is most certainly the Word of God)
This is a booklet addressing Islam lovers as well as haters, filling the formers’ hearts with fresh conviction and joy, and softening the misguided hearts, melting away their unfair hatred against Islam, the Qur’an and the exalted Prophet.



By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

(The True Islam compared with the rampant Manmade, Counterfeit Religion)



By Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.

a brief but unique biography of Prophet Muhammad (S) by Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.



(English and Spanish. A little warehouse of knowledge for children and the beginners)
Dr. and Mrs. Farida Shabbir Ahmed’s youngest child Aisha was only 9 years old when she wrote this lovable book under guidance. Children seven years and above easily read and understand this book, and even the grown-ups find it very informative and inspiring.



(A brief biography of the exalted Prophet Muhammad)
Aisha was eleven when she wrote this delightful and informative, yet brief, biography of Prophet Muhammad, under supervision. Once again, children seven years and above can easily read and understand this lovely work. Discerning parents and schools around the globe have made Aisha Ahmed’s books mandatory reading for kids. Her beautiful booklets are being reprinted again and again.